It is said that the butterfly is a symbol of powerful transformations and demonstrates lightness of being.

My name is Merle Bron and I am based in Cape Town. Through my Coaching practice Ease Coaching, I enable my clients to grow and develop themselves.

Working with me, you will experience a new way of thinking and being, with the end result being one of self-leadership.

My Coaching Practice


The Journey

My approach to coaching is goal/objective driven supporting the client to set goals, unpack obstacles and develop measures of success. This approach is based on my own journey both personally and in my career. This I created through visual boards as well as writing down goals and ways to achieve those.


The Experience

My own personal development and growth has been influenced through good and bad relationships throughout my life. I’m relaxed and love connecting with others. My passion for coaching developed over years of managing and leading people. This grew when I was blessed to experience being coached by a phenomenal life coach a few years ago. I love seeing others grow and develop, its rewarding for me and a legacy I always wanted to be remembered for.


The Result

My coaching approach is conversational, allowing the client to explore their thinking. I do find that people generally find me approachable, easy to talk with and share very personal experiences. You will experience self-leadership first as well as an approach to lead others.


Completed: Diploma in Call Centre Management (Services SETA), Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching (SACAP), Management Development Program (USB), Strategic Planning (WITS), Women in Leadership (UWC)

I worked at Woolworths Financial Services as a Senior HR Business Partner, Head of Customer Services and Change Management.

 Having spent my entire career with Woolworths, over the years I gained experiences across the organisation including retail.


“As affliction was the order of my day,
I sought the Lord and began to pray.
Behold! A coach was sent my way;
No longer would I still be in dismay.
These fears, I now began to release;
Which before, I would gladly appease.
Halfway through, there was a huge decrease.
What joy to know that these fears would cease.
At this time, the coaching sessions are done.
The fears that we’ve dealt with, are next to none.
There’s a song in my heart that I have sung.
Well done! Well done! Well done!”

Hendricks, C

“During the coaching process, I was unaware of client goals so I watched carefully for any significant changes and was pleased with what I experienced. My experience of the client is that he is not a team player and doesn’t readily share his work activities. For me, as his manager, this was a challenge as he tended to do his own thing. After some weeks of coaching I noticed that he was able to share more and communicate about his work activities. He was also more focused on getting ‘boring’ tasks done and supporting team goals.

Client’s style of communication also improved. Instead of giving the usual one word responses to my questions he now engages in conversation and has meaningful input to team challenges.”

Carolin, J

“At the start of my session I embarked on a new journey and with the coaching sessions was great assistance. Merle assisted me to view my new journey from a different point of view as well it challenged me to stretch myself in ways I never thought I could. My biggest obstacle that I had to overcome is the fear of change and failing which resulted in me to procrastinate.

This coaching assisted me to take risk and also to look at change in a different light other than fear of failure.  It created tools that I could use along my journey and also made me eliminate certain things that I thought could assist me along the way.

I was comfortable with Merle at all time during our sessions and our conversation was flowing at all time. I will certainly recommend her to anyone that’s needing assistants with coaching.”

Parker, B

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